Monday, February 19, 2007

Florida, cold weather and haiku...

I am in Florida for most of this week. Currently, the temperature today was a high of 64 degrees and the Floridians are calling it a cold snap. It is still far warmer than the weather we've been having in Minnesota, so I'll take it and be grateful. I have a cold a result, I had a hard time staying awake during training today....I was awake enough though to write a haiku about my cold:

Illness, cold, fever, aches
Green stuff coming out my nose
Tissue with lotion

I's lame, but it amused me quite a bit this afternoon...


Kathy said...

have you tried Emergen-C? They are powdered fizzing drink mixes that work for me! They have lots of different flavors. I get the cranberry one because cranberry is good for my...well, you know.

I'm thinking of you, the girls and my bro. Take care and hang in there. I wrote another article for work that I think I'll send you. It's kinda like a pep talk.


Digiduke said...

She left last Sunday
On a plane to Florida.
Is it Thursday yet?

Come home, the girls and I miss you lots.


mona said...

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