Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Afternoons and coffee spoons

Isn't it weird how you can stumble upon something (like a song, quote, picture, etc.) that you haven't thought about in a really long time, but when you finally do stumble upon it again---other things pop up to remind you of it constantly afterwards?

I used to listen to a band called the Crash Test Dummies all the time. I think they were pretty much considered a one hit wonder in the 1990s. The lead singer has this unmistakeably low/strange voice. One of their semi-obscure songs was entitled Afternoons and Coffee Spoons. I love that song. It is a rather odd song, but it has a catchy tune. The chorus goes "Afternoons will be measured out, measured with, coffee spoons and T.S. Elliott." I hadn't heard that song in many years when I stumbled upon it yesterday while browsing my MP3 collection. How can you not love a rock song that has the lyrics "I've heard the rattle in my bronchi"? It was like coming home again....

Then today, I was browsing on a quotation website that I tend to frequent often and I saw this quote "Success is relative. It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things.".....which just happens to be credited to the writer.....wait for it....oh yeah, baby....T.S. Elliott. I think it is a super cool quote that seems to fit my life perfectly.

I can't seem to get away from T.S. Elliott lately.....I wonder where I'll hear about him next? I'll have to check him out on Wikipedia. I don't know much about him and I don't think I've read any of his work.....although that doesn't mean much because I can't remember squat anymore and I'm not even 40......What I do know, is that he is a famous author and judging from his quote listed above---he is definitely someone I need to know more about.

Life is all about the six degrees of separation folks...and that's just ducky with me......

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