Monday, January 15, 2007

Sometimes, front row seats just plain suck...

Have you ever watched someone head down a path of self-destruction?....You see what they're doing to themselves and where they are headed and you try and get them to turn around, but they don't listen....they never listen....because you and I never listened when we were on that road.....It is the way of life. We must, unfortunately, learn through our own experience....we have to hit bottom (sometimes repeatedly) before we wake the hell up and realize what we've done to ourselves and the people around us who care about us. Sometimes the bridges we burn can be rebuilt and sometimes they are gone forever....and even though I know all of this, it still bugs the living hell out of me when I plead with someone not to keep going down the path.....but they don't listen and their world falls apart. If three or more smart and trusted people tell you that you are screwing up your life, it warrants at least a minor consideration that you, in fact, might be screwing up your life. But we get in that "You don't know me. You don't understand me." mode where we think that we are so much more in touch with what is really going on and everyone else is deluded. When you take a step back, doesn't it seem a little far fetched that 20 really intelligent, rational people "don't have a clue" about what is "really going on", but that you in your deluded state is somehow "the only one who really knows what is going on"? Seems a bit odd doesn't it?......I know we all have to live our own lives and fight our own battles, but sometimes the front row seats just plain suck......fear not, dear friends.....I will get some sleep and wake up groggy, but everything will be just ducky again.....I just needed a quick moment to vent.....

**In case any family reads this---don't worry...I'm not talking about JD or the girls. I don't want you to be needlessly alarmed.

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Kathy said...

When I was talking with my friend, Denise in the coffee shop today we wondered why we don't scrapbook the sucky side of life? Here we have this book of the "good times" but it's just not an accurate picture.

With that said, I wish I would have had my camera as I drove by the firetruck, police and smashed up toyota.
Say Cheese!

oh, I'm so mad at him!