Monday, January 29, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine :)

Have you seen this movie yet? I am so friggin' glad it is getting some of the recognition that it deserves! It just took top honors at the SAG awards. Of course, it was the "darling" of last year's Sundance Festival and some of the actors in it received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations this year.

Why do I like this movie so much? Besides being incredibly hilarious, it is ultimately about family and being there for one another when you need it most. They are totally dysfunctional---which reminds both my husband and I of our own families, but (just like our own families) they truly care about one another and are "there" for one another. They don't always agree. They don't always understand, but they are present and supportive when they are needed....and that, dear readers, is awesome in both a family and a movie.

It's also kind of cool that the DVD cover is bright, rubber ducky's been snowy and cold for two weeks here in Minnesota, but watching Little Miss Sunshine makes me feel just ducky.....

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