Saturday, January 13, 2007


I'm not sure why, but for some odd reason it didn't even occur to me that the title of my blog has the same initials as my husband....which I use frequently when I write....however, I like my husband and I like the title, so I'm sticking with my original concept and will deal with any confusion as it may come up.

I'm back home in Minnesota finally. It was a good trip, but I missed my family and my bed. I just don't sleep as well when I'm not in my own bed. I must admit though---it was super nice wearing flip flops and eating outside all week in sunny Florida. I came back to below freezing temps....but I will be heading back to Florida for a week in February to finish out my new software training. It was very sweet but heartbreaking to hear that my youngest daughter was very "mama sick" (her version of missing her mom) all week and waited every night for my phone call. In Tampa I also got to eat at one of my favorite fast food restaurants for the first time in about 10 years.....wait for it....what is it......Chick-fil-a! I know it sounds silly, but they make awesome chicken and we don't have one in Minnesota anywhere close to where I live. It was well worth the wait...We also ate at a beach side restaurant named Frenchy's. It was very "Jimmy Buffet-esque" with vibrant colors, a laid back atmosphere and awesome fresh seafood!

Because I had a hard time sleeping in the hotel, I had the 'opportunity' to watch some TV shows that have received much hype, but that I've never seen before....Scrubs and Sex in the City. I love the movie 'Garden State' which was written, directed and starred Zach Braf who also stars in Scrubs. It was amazing to see how completely different he is in Scrubs. I wouldn't say that I love Scrubs, but it has redeeming qualities and was definitely better than the other shows on at that time of night(a.k.a. way too early morning). Sex in the City turned out to be as raunchy and eye-opening as I thought it would be....but for some bizarre reason---I liked it. GASP!!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell my mother....she would be mortified. It is something that I would never, ever let my children watch, but I could see it becoming one of those guilty pleasures that I secretly watch when the family is out at the dog park, etc. 'Six Feet Under' is another one of those guilty pleasures....I don't watch tons of TV and typically it ends up being something on the Disney Channel because of my youngest daughter, but I have a few shows I like----Ugly Betty and House that are always a sure bet with me.

I was worried about flying. I am 6'0" tall and always feel cramped and claustrophobic on a plane...I was very lucky to only have 1 short, cramped flight though...the other 3 were much better as there was an empty seat between myself and whoever else ended up in my row. As my husband's sister is now a flight attendant, I watched the flight attendants much more closely than I typically would. I never get the fun-loving, happy flight attendants (like she is)....but there were some nice ones on the trip. There was also one FA I had that needs to retire...she was a bit cranky to the passengers---I started giggling at her when she walked up and down the aisle trying to give a bloody mary and a mini bottle of wine to various older couples as she couldn't remember who ordered them. She sat them down in front of one couple and the man looked at the woman and said "I know I'm old, but I still remember that I never ordered this." Finally she started calling out "Did anyone order drinks?" Oh well...maybe she was just having a bad day.

This could end up being a thoroughly boring blog that no one reads let alone enjoys, but I'm going to give the whole thing a shot anyways.....I am who I am.....if it is boring and uneventful to the rest of the world---I'm OK with that. I've worked hard to acccept who I am and where I'm at...if that doesn't entertain others, be it. For me, everything is just ducky.

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Kathy said...

boring? Nope. Not to me anyway. I usually write with the thought...Kathy, who cares?? But you know what...someone actually does. Amazing.

So, Garden State is my all time favorite movie.. so far. I know it's like a year old, but I LOVE it! It's the kind of movie that no matter how many times I lose it, I'll buy another copy.

Chick-fil-a is awesome! We just got one in Roseville. The girls like it because you can get fruit and salad. Seriously.

Thanks for the compliment about being a good FA. However, forgetting who ordered what does happen to me too. Not so much on the jet, but definately on the brasilia. I haven't worked in a week. I'm getting work-sick!!! I think I hate being on reserve. I'm going through passenger withdrawls.

Take Care C
Love Ya!