Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pet peeves and long sleeves...

Yes, I realize--I'm ridiculous (and the title of the post majorly sucks).

Anyways, first off--Long sleeves:
We have a blizzard warning here today. All of the schools are closed. Daycares, churches, gyms, senior center, colleges, community schtuff--all closed. My work--OPEN! Actually, people die if we close, therefore...we don't close. However, a bunch of my co-workers live out in the country so they had to head home (or they would never make it home thus leaving their children alone all night) and we are down to a skeleton crew now. Since I live in town...I feel an obligation to stay and cover so that others may leave. As long as the city bus is still running--I have virtually no excuse.

Now on to pet peeves:
When you have a clearly marked recycling bin (circular with a funnel kind of top) RIGHT NEXT TO a garbage bin (square with no lid)--why in the heck should bottles and cans ever go in the garbage? It has become a huge pet peeve of mine. We have these all over the place at work. It is obvious what gets recycled and where...so why can't people get their cans/bottles in the recycling bin? Why do I need to go pick them out of the garbage?...well that answer is easy...if I don't they stay in the trash and get thrown away...How much easier can recycling be? You don't have to walk any further to recycle, the bins aren't identical...what gives? Hello people?!?!? Hit the damn recycling bin!

Coffee talk (Should be said in the same voice as Mike Meyers character on SNL):
FEMA sugarcoated the dangers of the Katrina trailers...for a couple years now people stuck in these trailers have been stricken with tons of health issues due to FORMALDEHYDE in the trailer materials and FEMA allegedly knew about it and attempted to cover it up. Shocked/Surprised?...No.... Sad?...Yes... People have been stuck in those trailers for 2 1/2 years. The situation was mucked up from the beginning. Being packed in stadiums...misuse of funds...lack of/severely delayed help...

That's all for now folks...I'm off to get some more hot cocoa...I'm one frozen ducky!

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