Monday, March 10, 2008

Did anyone else catch this?...

Prescription drugs in our drinking water? Really? Yuck! And...I noticed from the map linked to the article that this applies to MY state specifically. Double yuck! My area is not as bad as some of the others, but it just makes me think "Dude, what the hell have we done?" We are paying the price for our past thoughtless actions...not cool...

AND...did anyone else notice on the Klean Kanteen website that they have started selling their water bottles with all-plastic caps and are charging EXTRA for stainless steel caps now? When did that happen? That is not cool. I have had such high respect for their I'm kind of thrown for a loop. Why backtrack like that? I sent them an e-mail inquiring as to why they chose to do this. If/when I get a response...I'll post it here.

This is not ducky folks...not ducky at all...


Joyce said...

Oh, brother, how are we going to deal with this? You can't really tell someone they can't take their anti-epilepsy meds. And, short of drinking rainwater, how are you going to avoid the contaminated water?
I think I'll just do a Scarlett O'Hara-"I can't think about this now; I'll think about it tomorrow."

leslie said...

I heard it, but having grown up in NJ, and having "recycled" water come out of the tap for years, I thought it old news.
How many folks just "flush" pharmaceuticals when the pills have expired?
How many people use their toilets as garbage disposals for things they can't "rinse" down the kitchen sink?
Why would anyone think that "medicines" given to them by "the doctor" would be harmful?
If you can "take the pill with a glass of water", then a whole toilet full should render the pills harmless, right?
Folks in general need to be educated to the fact, and embrace the implications, that the earth is a "closed system".
Sorry to say, there is no silver lining to this, or other irreversible problems. :(

Zero population growth.

Fake Plastic Fish said...

Hi. You commented about the Klean Kanteen cap on my blog, but I haven't had time to respond. So here's my response:

I bought my Klean Kanteen at Berkeley's Ecology Center, which sold the bottle and the cap separately. I was never offered a free cap to go with it, so your comment surprised me. I thought all the bottles and caps were sold separately so that people could choose which kind of cap they wanted.

I have the cap with stainless steel on the inside but a hard plastic loop on the top. It works for me. Michael bought the soft sports top because he chipped his tooth once on the metal while while drinking on one of the machines at the gym. I thought he should have just slowed down to drink, but you know how driven men can be. (Women too, really.)

Anyway, was there once a time when the Klean Kanteen came with the stainless steel cap automatically?