Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where in the Hell have I been?

Ya know...around...I don't know what to say...I was getting caught up in the "How many people read my blog? How can I get more comments? What will really strike a chord with people?" thing and getting WAY too emotionally invested...and not in a good way. I was moving from 'trying to change my life in a positive way' to 'how friggin' popular can I be'...and that's not a healthy place for me to be. So I took a whole lotta months off...

Not to mention I lost my mind in the middle of a "Buy Nothing Challenge"...I went the opposite direction...I think I bought more that month than ever...and it kind of threw off my emotional center of gravity...(wow that sounds a little drama queenesque...) Anyways, I'm back...don't know if anyone will notice...I've been gone so long--I'm sure a few have given up and I don't blame them!

So I leave you with this thought provoking question: With the economy as downright sucky as it is--how does a person afford hormone/antibiotic free milk every week?...seriously, it's been buggin' me...


Anonymous said...

I noticed!!!!!

Don't leave again without saying goodbye. I just decided today that it is the #1 rule of blogging. It freaks us out when people just up and disappear because we imagine all kinds of awful things happened to you, much awfuller than buying a bunch of crap.


Burbanmom said...

Welcome back, Duckster! We've been missing you!

and the milk thing? Life's all about choices, baby. You give up something that means less to you to buy something that means more. Everyone's priorities are different. Times of economic struggle just allow us to really focus on what matters. For every individual, that will be different.

Also, as I've been mentioning, I think I'm becoming lactose intolerant.

::Nasty sound effect here::


leslie said...

I had visions of a little yellow duck, being washed downstream in
an overwhelming current, disappearing in the distance... and now, with determination, the little yellow duck had turned in the river and is swimming, swimming, swimming....Ta-DA!
She's back!

leslie said...

Hormone/antibiotic free milk?
Cheaper than gin...